G.A. Educational
  Partnership, LLC. 

Teacher Placement,         Staff Developement,       Substitute Services,  Tutoring Services

 We welcome anyone or business to sponsor a student(s) or to make an educational investment for the 

 purpose of assisting at risk students with the opportunity of one-on-one tutoring.

1. Any amount will assist with materials for students. This supporter is known as our 
                                                        Village Warehouse Sponsor
  •  Paper, (wide rule, or college rule), printing
  •  Notebooks,
  •  pencils,
  •  pens,
  •  pocket folders,
  •  glue sticks,
  •  scissors,
  •  pencil sharpeners (electric) 

    These are just a few items where your donations will be utilized to help our students and our mission. 

 2. Paying for hourly rates to supplement the cost of sessions for single parents who can not afford the full 

    cost of tutoring sessions would take a donation of $45 to $360. The cost of a single session is $45 per 

    hour with 2 hourly sessions weekly with monthly tutoring costing $360.00.

                Sponsor                                                                   Timely Sponsor                                                  Villager Supportor

3. Sponsor 1 student at $360.00                         4, Sponsor 1 student for 1 month $360.00             5. Sponsor 1 student for 9 weeks,
    Sponsor 2 students at $720.00                             Same student for 2 months $ 720.00                     a quarter of a school year for 
    Sponsor 3 students at $1080.00                           Same student for 3 months  $1080.00                   $ 3240.00

All Sponsors receive....
A picture of the student along with their profile. 
Grade, Age, Subject in which tutoring has been received,
and academic growth at the end of the tutoring sessions. 

To $GNAlbritton, or 1429 Pitty Pats Path Zebulon, NC 27597
If donating by check please make checks payable to Greta Albritton, GAEP