G.A. Educational
  Partnership, LLC. 

Reaching, Teaching, Coaching, and Remediating to Create the Village 

                                            Welcome to GA Educational Partnership, LLC. 
                                   Learn Here and Now Tutoring Professionals

Facilitating Staff Development Opportunities - "How to establish relationships with behavior challenged students"

Providing Tutoring Professionals -    We will tutor in the schools, after-care program, or your place of business 

Remediating for Support in Schools - We can support your teachers by supplementing what's being taught in                                                               a push in or pull out of the classroom situation. 

Enrichment for Public, Private or Charter Schools -  Helping students go beyond their grade levels

Creating after-school educational experience for All Schools - We can be your After-School Program

You Can Succeed!

We provide Professional Tutors 

who will provide excellent skills

that can only strengthen your 

child's confidence in the 


In the convenience of your home

or your child's after-schoolcare, 

we tutor all subjects, all ages,

any time. 

I am a Teacher 

We would like for you to 

become a part of our Tutoring 

Professionals. If you 

are certified, retired or have 

excellent references from 

working with children in a 

classroom setting, complete the

application from the tab 

above and submit it to the

 e-mail provided.


We help All Schools All the time

1) Facilitate staff development 

2) Executive relationships and         decisions consultations for         beginning teachers, or               administrators

3)Create a Parent University at      your school, for parent              involvement

4)Develop an After-School Program 

5)Run an After-School Program